Public Form File Attachment Storage Security

I’ve read where the form data for public forms is not stored anywhere and is handed off to Microsoft Flow and that the storage for attachments to those forms can be cleared out. I’ve also read where the Plumsail Helpdesk product data is stored in Microsoft Azure. However, I do not see any clear language in the license or anywhere else that documents that the files attached to public forms are stored in Azure, but assume this is the case. Does Plumsail have an official security statement concerning their Public Forms that can be presented as part of our documentation regarding the security of the solution? Right now, all I can see is that I could print out several web pages as support for these claims, but something in the license or an official document would be better?

Dear @cgqmax,
Yes, the files are uploaded to Azure Storage and are encrypted at REST -

As for official security statements, thank you for pointing it out, you’ll find our documentation updated with:

  1. Data protection and security
  2. Forms Privacy Policy