Public Form: How To Block User From Filling Out The Form In Browsers Which Have Compatibility Issues With JavaScript

Hi Plumsail,

My client is required to fill out the form externally (say for example, a registration form) as part of their requirements. So, we used the Plumsail and Public Web Forms is our solution.

The issue we encountered is that the client was not able to operate and submit the Public Form in some Browsers successfully due to Browser compatibility issues with JavaScript. Because some JavaScript implementations in Public Forms don’t have Browser support as we understood it. Hence, the form functionalities and form submission wouldn’t be able to work as it should. We identified that the Browsers are Internet Explorer and MS Edge.

So, we are wondering, how can we solve this problem by blocking the users from filling out the form in Public Forms that have issues with JavaScript support in Browsers like Internet Explorer or Edge? Can we possibly do this in Plumsail?

Could you suggest me anything how to solve this issue? Appreciate your response.


Dear @mhm_alpha68,
The JavaScript code should be supported in all the browsers, but there are certain commands and syntax which is not supported in IE - this is likely not connected to our API, it depends on how you write the code.

If you can give some specific examples of the code that doesn't work, we might help in correcting it.