Question about the answer in the message

In the case of a response and adding СС recipients, for each new answer, СС recipients are not displayed for each answer. Is it possible to add the recipient's CC to each new message?

I don't quite get your request, Viktar. Could you describe it in more details?

Each time we add a new message to the application, we see the last CC list that we added. The point is to see in each message to whom we sent before. Therefore, when working with the ticket, we can first send a letter to one people, and then send it to others. In the application it will not be clear to whom we sent messages before.

Unfortunately, there is no such a feature. If there are any changes in the "Requester" or "CC" fields, they are displayed in ticket history. If it's not convenient for you to track the changes there, you can add private notes when edit those fields. Thus, you will know that all messages after a private note are sent to other addressees. Does it work for you?