Question about the newest SharePoint Org Chart release

I received this email about a week ago regarding a new version of the PlumSail Org Chart that was recently released.

My companies’ SharePoint 2013 website is currently using the 2.x version. We would be interested in upgrading, but I would like clarification on how to upgrade… it looks on the outset like we need to install the new plugin, then delete the current one.

But will that disable and/or remove the current org charts that are currently in use? We have the plugin in use for a subsite that has org charts for about a dozen different departments. It’s not totally impossible to recreate them with a new plugin, but I’d rather that not be the case.

And… is this upgrade a necessity for a SharePoint 2013 site, or are we fine with continuing to use the 2.x version?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Hi Nathan,

The new version of Org Chart is only available for SharePoint Online in Office 365. If you use On-Premises version, it is not available for On-Prem.

The new version doesn’t disable the old one. You can use them simultaneously.