Questions about logging in HelpDesk

Hi there!

This is an open question directed at the devs actually.
Are there any plans on adding logs to SLA policies similar to the ones we have in triggers?
Also, are there plans on making the logs in the trigger section longer? Sometimes you notice something weird too late and the log already got overwritten so it stays a mystery forever :female_detective:


Hello! I have turned to developers with your request and will keep you posted about results.

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Awesome! Thank you =)

Hello! We will implement logs for SLA policies but it will take a couple of months since it is a part of moving them to the modern UI. What regards the number of persistent logs, currently, we don't have plans to increase their number, but anyway, could you specify how many of them would work for you? Or is the issue about period of logs rather than their number? In this case, let me know what period would suit you.