Quickly mark as resolved and auto-assigning

We’re a tiny support team and Help Desk is ticking all the right boxes for us, but something that I’m missing is being able to mark a case as resolved without having to go in an edit it.

Is this already possible/am I missing something?

Is it on the roadmap?

Also, is it possible to automatically assign a ticket to an agent if they are the first person to respond to the a new case?


Hello, @James

I advise you to check an "Automations" section of HelpDesk documentation and particularly, an article "Assign ticket to first agent who replies."

To mark tickets as resolved, you can configure a task in HelpDesk scheduler. Here you can find general information about it. As an example, you can configure the task like on screenshots below. The second condition contains the property [Ticket.Metadata.LastPendingDate]. You can read more about a condition syntax.

Thanks - lots of good info in there. I’ve set up a few.