Recent update problem?

Hi, I don't know if there has been a recent update, but text/fields which are only shown based on certain options are no longer working. All our hidden fields and text is displayed and unlocked?

Please see images

We've also started getting the following error message in console: error

Hello @WRSIT,

Yes, we've added customization options for both Number and Currency fields and now their display format can be set in the editor.

Please remove the code that formats the display format of the numeric field. It is not needed anymore and it breaks all your code.

You can set the format of the field in the designer, e.g. #,#.## to display thousands separator and 2 digits after the decimal:

Thanks for that, Why wasn't notice of this update emailed before release?

Due to the current global situation we were already running a skeleton crew, This caused a significant amount of down time for us while trying to sort out fixing it.

Does this update also affect disabling a field? - We use this to stop users overriding sales price and things like that.

Hello @WRSIT,

I'm sorry that the update caused the downtime. We are improving Plumsail Forms to make it require less coding and be more convenient for our users. Unfortunately, sometimes the updates causing issues with the code. But we are always here to help to resolve any issue or answer your question.

Regarding disabling Numeric and Currency fields, we are looking into it right now. You can disable Numeric and Currency fields using this code:


Thank you for that, Is there an ETA on the fix for disabling numeric fields and currency fields?


We are planning to release the fix at the begging of the next week.
I will let you know once it is available.

Hello @WRSIT,

We've published a fix. Please completely clear the browser cache and test that you can disable Number and Currency fields using this code:

fd.field('FieldName').disabled = true; 

And thank you for reporting the issue! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that.

Has there been another update? everything started working for a few hours but now we've started getting the following error messages on saving forms

Hello @WRSIT,

Could you please share the screenshot of the currency field and regional settings page. Go to Site Settings >> Site Administration >> Regional settings.

Hi mnikitina,

Which part of the currency field would you like?


The currency field screenshot when you get the error.

Do you have any custom code related to currency field? Could you please share it.

I don't actually know which field it is, neither the console or the error message on the page tells me. I just get that error message at the top of the page.

We have some custom code on certain currency fields to calculate thing like the sales price, monthly price, etc


Please share the complete code that you have in the form.

Thank you!

I unfortunetaly reach the character limit, Is it possible for me to email it?

Thank You,


Please send the code to our email [email protected]. Please mention this community topic.

Thank you!