Reciving collected Form Data outside of MS Power Automate

As far as i can tell the only variant to receive and process a submitted Form is the Power-Automate Connector. I guess this is just a fancy masked Webhook.
Is there a way to send the collected Data via Webhook in generell? for example to another Automatation Plattform like n8n?

Dear @Paul21,
Thank you for the interest! We're working on adding web hooks' notifications to the product in the near future. For now however, you can notify other services only via Power Automate or Zapier.

Thanks for the Answer @Nikita_Kurguzov !
What do you mean with „Notifications“ is it just a Notification or will you be able to send the collected data via the WebHook? Also is there a scheduled when we could expect such feature to be introduced or to be testet in a beta?

Thanks in Advance Paul

Dear @Paul21,
Yes, we do have plans for introducing proper webhooks with ability to send data to them, but these are just plans at the moment, as there are many other features we're currently working on. If you have a specific need that has to be completed as soon as possible, and it requires webhooks, contact us at [email protected] - we might be able to offer paid support to speed up the development process.

Hello Paul, another option is to use Power Shell to perform CRUD operations.

We use this to take information from one SharePoint List and dump the information into another List someplace else.