Redirect after save new ticket

Hello there,

is there a possibility to redirect to the edit form of the ticket that the user just created with the new form?

Or something like a 'after-save-action'?

Thank you

Hello, @Kelvin

Redirecting is possible and is described in this article.

But since the one was written quite long ago, it's necessary to correct the name of the form. Please use the following code:

fd.onsubmit(function() {
  var uri = fd.setUrlParam(decodeURIComponent(window.location.href), 'FDRedirectWithID', 'fd_Item_EditForm.aspx?ID=');
  return true;

You need to open "New Form" for customising in Forms Designer. Then click "JavaScript" button and add the code mentioned above in the opened field.

Ok thank you, that worked! I just didn't find the article...
And it's "fd_Element_EditForm.aspx" and not "fd_Item_EditForm.aspx" :slight_smile:

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