Reduce padding between rows


  1. Is there an easy way to reduce the padding between rows on a Grid. The padding controls on the fields only seem to let me increase the value.
  2. Is there a way to decrease the size of the field/control boxes. I can change the font for the text but the field/control box itself remains large.
    The form:

Hello @dpeete,

  1. By default, the padding is 0. You can reduce the space between fields by changing the height of the field.
    For this, you need to assign a CSS class to the fields that you want to change.
    And paste the following CSS code in CSS Editor
.chnage-height {
    height: 25px !important;
  1. Seems there is a bug in our app, and the font size of the drop-down controls is not changing. We will fix that.
    And for now, you can change the font size with CSS.
    Assign a CSS class to the field that you want to change, e.g. choice, and paste this code in CSS Editor.
.choice span.k-input {
    font-size: 8px !Important;