Related List mass edit not available

We used to use SPForms and we are wondering if there is similar functionality in the new SharePoint Forms.

To be specific, it is the mass edit mode, in SPForms, you could edit lots of records at once by dragging does, and you can do this in mass edit mode on a normal list in the new interface:

In the new SharePoint Forms, in you say you want inline editing, you can only update 1 record at a time:

Is there any way we can get that original functionality back?

Thanking you in advance!

Hello @Jamal_Smith-Graham,

Currently, mass editing of the related items in List or Library control is not available.

Are you considering a paid support option?

We can implement that functionality for you. If you are interested, please contact us via [email protected].

Hiya @mnikitina, this should really be part of the product as it is functionality that was included in the previous version of your product.

And now that the model has changed to a subscription, surely this should be on the roadmap in a future update of the product?


Yes, this functionality is available in our older product Forms Designer.

Our newer product Forms is constantly improving, and adding this functionality is in our road map, though there is no estimated time of implementation.