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I have Edit Form, when I edit some fields then I save it and redirect user to homepage. My workflow will evaluate after that and convert status follow my business. When I enter that form, It keeps old state, so my status doesnt change, although my workflow had changed it before. Can I load a latest state every time I want to modify it. Thanks

Hello @minh_cuong_le,

Do you mean you are updating the status filed in a workflow?

How do you open the form? Following the link or from the list view?

This is list view. And when I want to show detail item, I will click to that button (red rectangle)

The code in that button

After I clicked that button, it will redirect me to Edit form. I edit something and click save, that form will redirect me to the list view again. If I go to that Item again, It keeps the old value status, although my workflow had changed it before. I refresh many time on Edit Form but It still keep it value.

Hello @minh_cuong_le,

Is the value not saved only for the status field or for other fields too?

Please comment out all custom code on the form and disable the workflow, then check if the value is saved or not.

You can also enable versioning history for the items to track changes, to make sure the value is saved properly.

I solved problem by remove all variables in localStorage. Is this a good way to use?

I clear all the variable start with name "fd_"



That will bring no harm for sure. And if this method resolves the issue - that is great!

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