Remove the Solved option

Is there a way to prevent agents from setting a ticket to Solved? We have a business requirement that the end user is required to fill out a satisfaction survey before we are allowed to solve the ticket. What our rule is the ticket is set to Solved/Pending and the form is sent to the end user. If the status is in Solved/Pending for 1 week it will set to Solved.

Hello Joe! To solve your issue, I would advise the following steps.

  1. Create the custom status Solved/Pending.

  2. In the Ticket Statuses list, select the Solved status, open its info tab and go to managing access:

  3. Then open Advanced settings:

  4. Stop inheriting permissions:

  5. Then edit the permissions so that agents don't have ones to the item. Ensure that required users do have permissions to be able to save tickets with the Solved status.

  6. If a user doesn't have permissions on the item, he will see the following when trying to save the ticket with a certain status:

  7. You can add a new task to Scheduler to change statuses to Solved for tickets that have status Solved/Pending and were modified more than a week ago. Also, the users that have permissions on the Solved item in the Ticket Statuses list can save a ticket as Solved manually.

Note: If agents can create/edit tasks or triggers, they will be able to close tickets using those automation tools. To exclude that possibility, you should set unique permissions on the correspondent lists. Also, you can't set conditional access to the Solved status (filling the survey by requesters). Agents either can save ticket as Solved or can't. Conditional changing of statuses can be implemented on the bases of HelpDesk automation tools (triggers, tasks or SLA policies) or Power Automate (there is a HelpDesk connector for it).