Reopening of tickets

Hi, I have setup trigger to reopen a ticket is a user replies after it has been marked as resolved but would like the ticket to only reopen if the reply was received within 7 days of the ticket being resolved otherwise do not reopen ticket, So far i have the below but its not working, can you please help?

I would also like tickets older than 7 days that receive a reply from a user to get an email reply informing them their ticket is closed and that they must log a new ticket. Can this also be done?

Hello Mick! You need to compare the resolution date with the one calculated on the basis of the current one. Use for that date/time functions in the condition. So it should look like this:

For sending the notification, create a new trigger and set the opposite condition:

Excellent. Thanks for your help as always.

Do you have a document you can supply with all the variables in HD system?

As I understand, you mean the part of the condition enclosed between brackets. It is hard to provide you with a full list of references since they depend on the structure of your lists. Please check the reference section of the provided article. Its structure is described there. But the list of the most commonly used references is available in the drop-down of the condition expression.