Resolution Date on a Custom Status


Good day,
I would like to know how to configure Plumsail to capture the resolution date on a new custom status. I would like it to work the same way as it does with the "Solved" Status.



Hello, @Roxanne.

Please create a trigger on ticket changing. This event occurs when you modify a ticket and allows you to get its properties not only of a current but also of a previous version. Then, in a condition block, check whether the current status is the one you need (in this example it is "Closed" instead of "Solved") and make sure that the status was change in current modification. To do this compare the current status with one of the previous version of the ticket. In an action block, add an action, select a "Set field" one, choose the field to be set (in this case it is "Resolution date") and enter token {{Ticket.Modified}} as a value. So the trigger will place there the date when the ticket was modified, and it is the one when the status is changed (according to the event and conditions).

For more details, please check articles about triggers and tokens.


A follow up to my previous answer.

If you set the resolution date as described above, SLA policies will not take it as resolving the ticket and will be triggered after a target period has passed. So even if you close the ticket with the status another than "Solved," the SLA policies will be violated once. You could change the display name of the "Solved" status if for some reasons it doesn't suit you and leave the internal one the same. Or do you need two different statuses for closing tickets?


Hi @e.evseychik
I have tried to implement the steps from your first response, however found that it captures the resolution date at the wrong step, and does not update this date should the ticket be re-opened and closed again.

Thank you for your follow up as i had not thought about the SLA, this would be a problem as the team using the helpdesk is tracked on their performance based on the SLA's and therefore this is important to have this timing right. Yes we do require two Closed status's and therefore need both the 'Solved' and 'Cancelled' status's to capture the resolution date when these status's are selected and for the SLA to stop timing as well.

We also require that should the Cancelled ticket be reopened for any reason that the SLA continue to time and when the ticket is closed again the resolution should update & SLA stop timing. Does Plumsail cater for this automatically?



After reopening of tickets, the next reply and resolution time continue being considered in HelpDesk SLA policies by default. So the only issue now is to make the SLA policies to work with the custom status. Maybe the following simple workaround is appropriate for you. Instead of coordinating the custom status and the SLA policies, you could create a custom column for the "Tickets" list and call it "Resolution Tag." I suggest to set its data type to "Choice" and define two values: "Cancelled" and "Resolved." When an agent closes the ticket, he chooses the resolution tag and uses the standard status "Solved." So there will be no issues with SLA policies and you can track all your tickets by those tags. Is this appropriate for you?