Routing doesn't work after copying files

Hi, I have two sharepoint sites. One is a development version, other is production version. I noticed strange behavior and I wonder is there any tip to avoid it.

I have one form with custom routing. Depends of type selected in choice fields users are redirected to different formset. Everything works fine except a moment just after copying files between dev and production site. I copy whole Plumsail folder - all others forms work fine except this one with routing. I have to manually open and save forms for this list form dekstop app. Any solutions to avoid this, this is very annoying.

Hello @wflorczyk,

You need to provision forms programmatically using Plumsail.Forms.O365 NuGet package. Please find more information in our documentation here:

Is this tutorial below describing how to set up forms from Java Script in Plumsail? It's not clear for me.

Plumsail Forms Provisioning Form sets for SharePoint — SharePoint forms


This is an instructions on how to move forms programmatically from one site to another including form sets.