Routing to specific form

Is it possible to route a form to a 'display' form type based on a specific field.

For example, we have a form that involved a sign off, and we don't want it editable after that. I can see how to redirect it to a different form set based on a field however not on a specific (ie display) form.

Hello @Laurence_Franks,

Routing only works in the currently opened form view. For example, when you open an Edit form, routing redirects you to the Edit view of the specified form set.

But you can use simple redirection. Please see the code sample below. It will redirect the user to the display form if the condition is met.


if(fd.field('Title').value == "test") {
    var listId = fd.spFormCtx.ListAttributes.Id
    var itemId = fd.itemId;

    //replace "" with path to your site
    //PageType=4 means Display Form
    window.location.href =
        + listId + "&ID=" + itemId;