Save only one field in the item with view Update

Hello community,

I'm trying to manually trigger a list item update of one/more fields when I'm editing an entry. I found in another similar article (see link below) to use pnpjs's update function which works perfectly fine for my use case, however, after the dialog closes (using fd.close()) I noticed that the current SharePoint list view doesn't reflect the changes that had been made in the edit. Only a page refresh or reopening the list item using edit pushes the changes to become visible.

I can see that the call does in fact update the SP list view but I don't want to call that as it will trigger save to all fields in the edit. How can I trigger the SP list to refresh so that the changes made from the edit panel are visible?


Hello @Ted77,

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You can refresh the page after closing the panel, so users will see the changes made to the list item.

fd.spClosed(function() {

window.location.reload(); was what I was currently using.
Is there a more elegant way of refreshing the list items without a full page refresh?

When I run it seems to refresh the list items so I was hoping plumsail had some code for us to replicate the same refresh process.

Hello @Ted77,

I'm sorry for the delayed reply, I had to ask developers advice.

A modern view is updated automatically after changing an item. For now, there is no API for updating the modern list view.