Security Questions

We are considering this application for our organization. Security question on what data/information Plumsail would collect and store about our company and/or it's employees?

Hello, @jrodkey

Please read Plumsail Privacy Policy. If you have extra questions, I will try to answer them.

Thank you. I have read through the privacy policy. It was very helpful. One of my colleagues mentioned that Plumsail can pull data from a SharePoint List or from User Profiles. For our purposes this information would potentially include Name, Title, Organization, Office Location, Phone and Email. I’m assuming this data would then be stored at Plumsail and fall under the same privacy policy standard?


General Privacy Policy covers all data and all products. Each product has additions to the Privacy Policy which you can read in the corresponding documentation. In the context of working with SharePoint lists data, we can talk about Plumsail Actions.