Send an email to user after 24hrs of receiving a bad satisfaction rating

Id like to automatically send an email to a user who has a bad customer satisfaction score asking for detailed feedback, how can this be done?

Hello Mick! Is it crucial to send the message exactly after 24 hours of estimating the service? Or will it work for you if such message will be sent simply every 24 hours?

Sending an email every 24hrs only to new incidents that have been given a bad review then yes, but don't want repeat notifications to be sent, only once

  1. Create a choice column in the Tickets list which will show whether to request the feedback or it was already requested:

  2. Create a trigger which will detect bad rates and mark tickets for requesting feedbacks:


  1. In Power Automate, create a scheduled flow that will run every day at a certain time:

  2. Get all solved tickets marked Request:

  3. For each retrieved ticket get requester's data:

  4. I assumed that all requesters have the role end-user so I used the Email field from the Contacts list to send a message. In the case of the members, it is necessary to use the SharePoint user Email field. If you have mixed types of requesters, you should additionally check the current role in a condition and then use one or another field.

  5. After sending the e-mail message, mark the current ticket as Requested:

  6. Here is an overview of the flow:

Many thanks. Will give this a go. Appreciate your help & advice :smile: