Send email with attachments


We have just migrated from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online and I am trying to migrate over our workflows but I am getting a strange error with the Send email with attachments action. (See below)

I have followed what I documentation I can find but I feel like I have missed a key step.
Here is how the action is set up.

I have tried with and without credentials in the AdminLogin section and it still has the same error.

And assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Adam,

Please try to clean up the following fields: Host, Port.
After it please republish and run the workflow.

Please let me know about the result.

Hi Roman,

I cleared the Host and Port fields and the workflow ran without errors. It did not however send the email. (as you would expect)
Bellow are the results.

I am also unsure why it still tells me that the pack will expire as I followed to instruction to activate it.


Please write us to [email protected] if the issue still exists


I have tried emailing [email protected] and never received a response.


I think this is because of your mail server when I have tried to send an email to you I have received undelivered notification

Please pass the attached file to your sys admin I hope it helps to resolve the issue.
Additionally, send to you my personal skype, so we can use this to communicate.
Undelivered Mail Returned to (5.13 KB)


Would you be able to try for me again?
I had created an exception in our firewall for, but not one for