Send tickets based on location


We have setup plumsail Helpdesk and started testing the application. Currently all the agents are getting notification email from every request submitted. I was wondering we can sent notification to a set of Agent based on the location of the users who submits the request from its active directory?

Hello, @rinu007

It's possible by using of triggers, but the task will require some additional actions:

  1. Create a column (single line of text) in a "Contacts" list to store location.

  2. Check this article and on its basis build a flow to get users' location from AD and save it in the "Location" field created on the previous step.

  3. You can perform the initial run of the flow manually to update all contacts you have. Forth, I would recommend to use a trigger to start the flow on each creation of a list item.

  4. Then create a trigger for each agent group. In the condition, use the following reference: [Ticket.Requester.Location]. It means: get ticket properties, check the "Requester" field, since it's lookup one, go further to the list it refers to, find there the "Location" field and get its value. Your condition will look like this:

  5. Configure the trigger to send e-mail notifications to the agents you need.

Thanks Evseychik, I will check it out