Sending Attachment in "Create a Ticket" Action

Instead of using a widget we are trying to use a SharePoint list and upon submitting we use plumsail "Create a ticket"

We are able to create a task and assign it to agent etc.

but the only bit which are missing is that we are not able to make the sent attachment with the ticket.

Is there any way we can sent attachments along with this ?

@rinu007, I would advise you the following configuration of the flow:

  1. After trigger, initialize an array variable to store JSON objects of attachments. Then check whether a newly created item has attachments:

  2. If it has, get attachments:

  3. Get content of each attachment:

  4. Compose a JSON object for each attachment using this expression to add file content: base64(body('Get_attachment_content'))

  5. Append each composed object to the array variable:

  6. In the "Create a ticket" action switch a mode of adding attachment to input entire array:

  7. Pass there the array variable and fill other fields:

That's all.

Thanks Evseuchik, for the tip