SharePoint Form Panel Size

Dear Plumsail Team,

We are using SharePoint Form Panel settings in order to open all the forms in our system in a modal window. We have configured it with size “large” for all types of forms but there are places where we need more space (horizontally) in order to visualize all the content. I am wondering if there is a way to make those modal windows even bigger (wider) with some custom JS?

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Understood, thank you, Nikita.

Dear @mkaraivanov,
A thousand of apologies! I’ve spoken with the developers, and it’s a bit of misunderstanding, it’s actually really easy to resize the panel with CSS!

Just try out the following code in CSS editor, it should work:

  width: 1200px !important;

As for my previous comment, we were discussing dynamic change by dragging the side of the panel, and this is what is hard to pull off.

It’s still possible and really easy to use CSS or JS here.

Dear Nikita,

Thank you for the follow up, your feedback is much appreciated!

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