SharePoint Forms Down!?

We have a SharePoint online site using Plumsail forms. It has worked fine for 2 years, and today all the pages are loading blank.

We are getting a 500 error from Plumsail server, so perhaps this is the issue (see below)

This is urgent to get fixed on our end, is anyone else experiencing it?          

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

Hello @DevPoint,

Thank you for reporting the issue! Our developers are looking into it.

Could you please record the HAR file when opening the form. Find the instruction on how to record the HAR file here:

You can share it here or send it to [email protected]


The issue must be fixed by now. Could you please check.

If the form still does not load, please record a HAR file for troubleshooting.

I probably should have just watied..
I ended up upgrading my app version,
then resaving all the forms. And the forms started working
A bit of the styling changed, so I had to go into all the forms and fix up some styling issues.