SharePoint Forms version 2.0.6 Yes/No fields not working

for some reason the Yes/No fields from a SharePoint list are no longer working properly with SharePoint Forms App Version 2.0.6.

Looking at the control section, the normal choices for this type of field simply aren't there and of course when rendering the screen these fields fail to show.

I have reinstalled the app and tried this same function from another computer with the same result.

Our SharePoint site is running version of the App and I can't tell if this is the latest version.

Anyone else seeing this behavior?

This is what I'm used to seeing. This is also a Yes/No field and I'm using the same SharePoint and SharePoint Forms program and this field shows up and works properly.

the only difference, is that this field has existed for over a year and the one above is brand new.

I resolved this. updating to version has fixed this.

the moderator can delete this.

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