SharePoint List Name inside Plumsail Forrm, is it possible?

Is it possible to get SharePoint List Name/Title inside Plumsail Form using JS?

The case is I am working on developing JS Code for Plumsail Forms which are used in my copany and developing the code on, lets call this: production list is impossible, so i work on their copies, what means that everytime i want to push the code from dev lists to production list i must constantly changing ListsIds, Fields names sometimes, what is anoying.

I want to have this values depended on e.g. the list name => If the list name string contains DEV use dev values if not use prod values.

Or, maybe someone has different approach to this case?

All the best for you all!

Hello @szymanskicode,

You can get the relative URL of the SharePoint list using the code:

fd.listUrl; // '/Lists/Projects'