Slow to open tickets

When opening tickets it is inconsistent in terms of time taken to open with some times the error "An error has occurred. Please check the browser console (F12)" I am wondering if it is related to the number of tickets currently in the list we are at ticket number 17275. Also when it is taking its time to load it circles on the requester field.

Hi @grahamm34 ,
Please let me knos if you have customized the default Ticket forms. If so,
could you try to restore the previous version and check whether the issue persists?
If it does, please try to reproduce it, save the content of browser console as text file, go to a "Network" tab and export its content to HAR-file.
Please provide the collected data and specify the URL of the instance and a sample ticket ID on which you reproduced the issue. You can sent the data as a PM here or just drop a message on [email protected] referring to this topic (so it gets to me faster).

Hi @v.uspenskii to my knowledge the ticket form has not been modified, the only modification that has been done is the list views to reduce the results so Sharepoint will display. I have attached the HAR file and the instance url is and the ticket i tested on was 17284 it does it about 1 in 4 times. (1.1 MB)

Hi @grahamm34 ,
for now, we can't detect any errors that will lead to the bad performance in the HAR log.
This problem might call for on-site debigging. Please let me know if you're willing to give a temporary external access to your HelpDesk instance to one of our developers for the debuggingt purposes. If so, I'll pass you the MS accout in a private message.