Some Helpdesk Questions

I have some questions out to support but have not gotten any responses so thoughi maybe get better feedback here.

  1. Helpdesk Widget: Our clients have their own SharePoint Tenant, how do we share the widget with them when the help desk is in our SharePoint Tenant?
    -When I folowed both Widget articles I either got "Please place the Widget in the same to the same SharePoint Tenant with your help desk." or "Please use the SharePoint Widget."

  2. Is there an option for Archiving? In our current system we have over 8000 Tickets. We find performance is improved when tickets are archived to a second list.

  3. Is there an option to have Triggers/SLA/scheduler Run on other lists? Or pull up items to validate against?

Hello Tricia!

  1. You can provide access to the SharePoint widget page for external users or use the widget on a public site.
  2. We advise to create a folder in the "Tickets" list and move there all tickets to be archived. Also, you can edit the list views, for example, to display tickets only for the last six months.
  3. In conditions, you can refer to the data from other lists related to the current ticket, that is to the "Comments" or "Contacts" ones. You may find this article useful. But also, you can use Power Automate flow for building more flexible automations. HelpDesk lists can be treated as any other SharePoint ones. Also, there is a HelpDesk connector for it.

Regarding your support ticket. I would like to draw your attention that we reply in one day after receiving it.