Sorting boxes by Title and in more than 2 columns


I would like to segregate boxes:

  1. some org charts I would like to see in 4 columns (or 3) it depends of the team, is it possible?
  2. I would like to segregate people by alphabet but by the Job Title (and not by Full Name as it is now). But still, Full Name should stay as an ID and first in the box. Can you help me with that?
    Underlined is Job Title, so I would like to see in one place Service Analysts, and in other Customer Relationship Leads.

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I figured out that to sort by Job Title I had to Add in Data source setting Job Title as a Display Text.
But maybe there’s a better way to sort it.
Ideal would be to sort in columns by Job Title.
1st column - only Administrators
2nd column - only Banking Team
Is it possible?

Additional question: picture size. maybe there is somewhere information about it, but couldn’t find.
What is the best size (proportion), to not to distort a picture?

Hello Karina,

Thank you for your questions.

  1. Unfortunately, besides compact/regular layout, alternative columns grouping is not supported at this moment. Our paid support can implemnent the feature you are describing, let us know if you are interested.

  2. Regarding the sorting - it's possible to sort employees by a custom field.

For example, for sorting by Job Title you need to add the following code to your Custom JavaScript tab:

renderer.config.nodesSortOrder = "ASC";
renderer.config.nodesSortFieldName = "JobTitle";

You may check this thread to learn some more about it.

The sorting aligns employees in the way as shown on the screenshot below:

If you want to order the employees differently you may create a new custom column in your list and fill in field values in a way that the employees ordered, for example, counterclockwise. Note, that ordering by numeric values is not supporder, please use alphabetical values instead.

  1. With respect to the pictures, I would recommend to use square images to unify the layout.
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Hi @Anna ,

Thank you for your answer. Sorry that it took me so long to respond :slight_smile:

  1. I would be really interested with such feature. Because we have big teams and we need sometimes to sort them by roles (to underline hierarchy). Example:
    1st column - Senior Administrators
    2nd - Administrators
    3rd - Junior and Trainee
    Number of column will depend of the team, but of course I will be the one who will create/check how should be created.

  2. Thank you for the advice.

  3. Ok, I see, but pictures are added by employees and I don’t have time to manage more than 600 pics :wink: Shape it’s not that important. I am asking about size - because I have noticed that some pics are nicely presented and some (which are bigger) are deformed.

  4. I have one additional question: Is it possible to setup print options that this image is with better quality of pictures?
    We need sometimes to print Org Charts and use them in presentation. So it would be even better if this could be downloaded in editable version to Power Point but I assume that this is not possible?

  1. And one more question. Is it possible to add some kind of slider to scroll Org Charts?
    I have 3 Org Charts on one page and it’s not intuitive for my users to have it like that (they have problem to figure it out that to see whole team they have to click on OrgChart field to scroll down). And still, I would like to have enabled this zoom in/out option.

Hi @KarinaDziedzic,

We will contact you by email to discuss details.

You have full control over HTML and CSS styles in your Org Chart. You can adjust CSS styles for pictures according to your requirements, if you need to scale images in some specific way. Please review documentation for more information. If you have any difficulties with writing custom CSS, our paid support can do it for you. Just describe your requirements and send them to [email protected].

What kind of issue do you have with the picture quality? It looks ok if you don’t scale it.

Just add the code below to Custom CSS step of the configuration wizard:

  overflow: auto;
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Super helpful CSS @antonkhrit
I think it should be default :):grinning:

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