SP Form license

Hi Team,

Recently we've bought a developer SP Form license for our test server. Our developers broke this test server and we need to start it again. Could you please let us know if SP Form license works on our new server or we need to request it again?

Let us know if you need any additional information.
Best regards,

Hello @SkillMary,

Most likely, the server ID has changed, and you need a new license file. This is not a problem!

Please send the order reference number and new WFE server ID to [email protected]. We will send you back the new license file within 24 hours.

Dear Margarita,

Thanks for your reply.
Could you please tell us how to get server ID. Before we used HUD-Generator to receive first license. Client is Toyota Business Car. I attached old license for reference.

Waiting for your reply. Thank you


Please, download the Server ID Generator and run on each WFE-server.

Please don't publish a license file and Server IDs in the public resources. Please contact us via email: [email protected]