Stuck on loading spinners


We installed the plumsail org chart quite a while ago.
On the plumsail app have a little custom script to show the current user when going to the page.

[code]renderer.config.searchResultMaxCnt = "50";
renderer.onBoxRendered(function(event, box, itemData){
//Box rendered event

renderer.onTooltipRendered(function(event, tooltip, itemData){
//Tooltip rendered event

renderer.onSearchResultRendered(function(event, searchResult, itemData){
//Search result rendered event

var isInitialLoad = true;

isInitialLoad = false;

Somehow for some users it keeps loading, never showing up.
When on an other account and searching for the users with the problem, it loads perfectly.

i'm a bit lost in what the issue might be.

Hi Dominique,

Please have a look at this thread, it should help.