Support system broken?


Is there something wrong with the ticket system? I don't receive a ticket number or other reaction when I use the mail adress. Online can I only see the old tickets, a new ticket is not possible ...

Thank you,


Hello @danieljr,

No, our Help Desk is working and accepts tickets. The last email from you is 'Problem with checkbox-mode for the Yes/No field.'

Have you received my reply? Please check the spam folder.

Have you sent any other emails after that?

Found the problem, was on my side

Sorry ...

Hi @mnikitina,
@danieljr seemed to figure out where the field "Method" is because I cannot find it either. Can you please explain where I can see it in Plumsail Forms for SharePoint 2019 app?

I have created the "Yes/No" SharePoint field and do not see the "mode" field where I should choose whether to use the toggle or checkbox.
Thank you.


Hello Stepan,

I'm sorry, the Mode property for the Yes/No field is currently only available in SharePoint Online.

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