Switching to User Profile can not be loaded

Chart bug in loading when using user profile data Source like it show below,

it spent around 6 hours in loading

Hello! Please ensure that you use the latest version of Org Chart. Then, try to open the same page in private mode, all extensions should be switched off. If the issue persists, collect the data for research in the following order:

  • open a SharePoint page without the Org Chart web part in private mode,
  • open the developer tools (F12), switch to the "Network" tab and press Ctr+R,
  • add the Org Chart web part, start its configuration and reproduce the issue,
  • after that, save the HAR file (in Chrome, it is a button with the arrow down),
  • switch to the "Console" tab and save all logs,
  • send the collected information to [email protected], in your message, refer to this topic, specify the browser you used and its version.

Problem persists again so i have sent an email

For more informations,
I get no http error in network section

But In the consol i get the following errors