Taxonomy Lookup Value - Display Term Hierarchy

I have created multi-level tags, and want to display the hierarchy. In the Metadata field I have the Display Value set to "Display the entire path to the tern in the field." This works upon selecting the term, but when I try to duplicate the text, only the last level is displayed.

This code:


Yields this view:

How can I get the full Taxonomy path to duplicate into another field?

Thank you.

Hello @shedev,

You can get the full path for the taxonomy column only when the value is saved to the SharePoint list.
This is the OOTB Managed Metadata field behavior in default and custom forms.

Would you consider paid support? We can add the ability to get the full path of the term by ID. Please email us at [email protected] for more details.

Thank you - I appreciate knowing that. Thank you for the paid support option.

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