Template for group by

Which template do we use to put in the template of the tooltip for the Group By text?

Please, try the following template:
#= dataItem.value #

Hi Dmitry when i use that template it displays “undefined”

Could you provide screenshots of the chart, data source configuration and aggregation settings? Also, please, specify what field from your data source you need to display as a tooltip.

HI Dmitry

Data source

Aggregation settings


The tooltip that we want to display is the one in the legend in order to identify each color with the tooltip.

Sorry for the delay. Please, try the following template:
#= dataItem.Asistencia0 #

Perfect it Works great, many thanks

HI Dmitry I just recently encountered that when using a template in the tooltip that combines text and currency (#= dataItem.Tipo_x0020_de_x0020_cliente#: #= value #) the tooltip loses the format, is there anyway we can achieve this?

You can format a value directly in a template. Say, if you need to format a field as currency, use the following template:
#= kendo.toString(value, “c”); #

Many thanks, it Works perfectly, i only removed the “;” to use #= kendo.toString(value, “c0”) #