The formatter for controlling the picture size while populating docx template is not working

Hi Support team,

I am working on generating and testing the plumsail document product now. By following the tutorial from online document, I made a docx template with value formatters. And I will need to use Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) and Power Apps to populate the information to the docx template. All other ones are working now but the picture one. I've used {{photo}:picture(100:50)} to size the picture. The datastream was generated from power apps by using the JSON conversion method. I am using a Power Apps Pen Input control to save users pen ink to a JSON. Then I use formular to trim the JSON string to a true base64 code string of the signature. But the value formatter, {{photo}:picture(100:50)} is not working. Cannot size my picture to the appoint size I want. The signature picture saved to the generated docx file is maintaining its original size!!

Please help to solve this. Thanks! By the way, what's the unit for the picture value formatter? I mean the unit for the 100, 50, etc. numbers.

Sorry for typo mistake, the value formatter used in my template is {{photo}:picture(100,50)}. Here append the template for identification.

sig.docx (12.8 KB)

Hello @aliyunrobot,

We tested the formatter and it works ok. It takes the larger number as a base edge (width or height) and resizes an image by keeping proportions of the source image.

Best Regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail team

Hi Petr,

Could you please make more specific explanation for your meaning of the 'larger number as base edge' in the value formatter? Currently for example, I have a signature picture size 600px wide by 200px height, and I want to use the value formatter {{pic}:picture(100:50)} what will be the size of the signature picture in my result docx document? Thanks!