The uploading of images to a ticket results in the error: "Something went wrong."

Our ticket system works smoothly both in SharePoint directly (admin view) and in the user view. However, when trying to upload an image to a ticket, the error "something went wrong" appears. As a result, users cannot submit a ticket that includes an image. Is there a solution for this?

Another question is whether it's possible to copy files into the image field using keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+C / CTRL+V).

Thank you

Hello @David1,

Please share the screenshot of the form with all errors from the browser console.

No, this functionality is not supported for the Image field.

Here is a screenshot of our form with the error code. Is this sufficient, or do you need another screenshot?

Here is the log from the browser console. (5.6 KB)


I'm sorry, I can't open the file with logs. Please share the screenshot of the errors from the browser console.

Im Sorry,
Here is a screenshot from the console

Hello @David1,

Could you please export the console log and network data and send it to us at [email protected]? It would also be very helpful if you could attach your customised forms to the email.