Tick Boxes in Excel?


I’m using Documents to create an Excel file from a template and populate it with data from a Form. Currently when I get data from a multiple choice question on a form, it just populates the Excel sheet with the answers like [“A”, “B”, “C”] but I’m wondering if it’s possible to have checkboxes in the Excel sheet corresponding to those answers get automatically checked instead.


Hello, @eloquence

I am sorry for the delay. I hope you solved the issue and you hadn’t to wait for my late reply. Otherwise, I suggest you reading this article on using checkboxes. On its basis, I created the following flow.

  1. My form:

  2. When a form is submitted, initialize an array variable.

  3. Then apply the next actions to each element of the array of received choices. Compose an object with the current item as property and true as a value. Append this object to the array created earlier.

  4. Get a template content.


  5. And at last, create an XLSX file and save it.