Ticket Button Not Working


Just let you know that our ticket button is not working and is coming up with error when you click.
what could be the problem? please help.



Hello @Ndy,

Could you please share the screenshot of the errors in the browser console (F12).

Hi @Ndy,
This button is just a link to the AllTickets view of the Ticket list.
Please do the following

  1. Please navigate to the following list: yourhelpdesksite/Lists/Navigation/AllItems.aspx
    Find item with the "Tickets' title:

  2. Please compare the URL there with the URL of your AllTickets view and adjust if needed.

The URL is the same but now working.

@Ndy, can you send a screenshot of the view settings? Please find the All Tickets view in your Tickets list settings:

I'm interested in the view address:

Also, can you navigate to the view manually? For example, open it from the view settings page. Please let me know if the view doesn't open with the "Tickets" button only or it is completely unreachable for your site.

If so, please try creating a new "All tickets" view. You need to create a new view save it without any filtering options. Then you can indicate this view in the Navigation list for the "Tickets" item.

It appears that the All Ticket view is not there again and is completely unreachable.

@Ndy, in this case, please try creating a new view as per my suggestion above. Please let us know if this works!