Ticket ID and ID column not matching - Flows not working

Due to some testing and changes it seems that my Ticket ID field and ID field no longer match.
For example, one ticket has Ticket ID 31 and an ID of 30.
When I run the Add Comment flow to Ticket ID 31, it returns 404 Not found.

Should the Ticket ID and ID field always be the same value?
If I had a prefix in the Ticket ID field, such as 'TEST-31', would I need to use the ID value in the flow?

Thanks for your help!

There is a little confusion with this field in HelpDesk actions for Power Automate: you should use values from the field "ID" instead of "Ticket ID". Difference between values in those two fields is normal: it appears because creation of some tickets can encounter errors on our servers and after further attempts, such tickets get greater values of ticket ID than they could have.

Great - thanks for clearing that up!

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