Tickets are not closing!

Multiple users, systems and browsers are reporting that when you click on Save as Solved, new or pending, the ticket does not close. Nothing happens on the screen! Anyone else having this issue? @antonkhrit @Oleg_Tsurkan @Anna

This appears to occur when a note has been added to the ticket then the Save As button is clicked

I am unable to view my About settings of my environment as well. Someone from Plumsail please help!

This appears to occur when a note has been added to the ticket then the Save As button is clicked

I am unable to submit a ticket on the support plumsail support portal as well, the instance just spins…

Same here, no tickets working, got an email error with the Plumsail router…

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Thanks David,
I also can’t view my settings correctly, enter a ticket with plumsail, and notifications are not occurring.

Yeah I’ve sent a support request but not sure if they are actioned 24x7 … have you heard anything?

My only complaint about the company is their lack of 24X7 support, this is the 3rd instance I’ve had where my environment is severely impacted, but I cannot get in touch with support.
I’ve heard nothing yet.

Same here. Changes in status doesn’t work. Not by forms or by triggers.

Same here! This is very urgent to be fixed !!!

No email notifications seem to be going out.

Dear @turtlgal, @David, @trasmus, @Sari,

We are sorry for service interruption that affected you during this period of time. And thank you for your patience while we were fixing that.

A few weeks ago we have released Public REST API for our HelpDesk. Yesterday the API was highly loaded by a significant number of requests. That lead to an overload of our infrastructure.

We admit that the issues were related to the design of our API infrastructure. It was too closely related to common HelpDesk services.

Since the issue was indicated yesterday (4 PM GMT) our team was working to restore correct work of our services.

Around 8 PM GMT, yesterday services that are handling converting of incoming email messages to tickets and replies are restored.

Around 7:40 GMT today ability to submit replies by agents from UI was restored.

Right not there is still one issue pending. It is outgoing email notifications if your configuration doesn’t use your own custom SMTP email notifications are not sent.

It should be fixed in an hour or so. If you use custom SMTP, email notifications should work now. As a temporarily solution you can configure custom stmp as described in this instruction.

We will keep you posted.

If there are still any other issues on your side. Please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

Thank you for reply. Though it seem that merging freezes on dialog but in background it is really merging. Have to close dialog and click cancel to exit.

Hi @Sari, thank you for your message.
We were able to reproduce the merging issue, the dialog window freezes when ‘Copy attachments from the source ticket’ option is checked and no attachments actually exists in the source ticket. However the merging process itself works fine in this case. I will let you know as soon as we fix it.
Thank you very much for noticing the problem.

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Is there any plans for Plumsail to have support during US hours?

Hi @turtlgal,

Thank you for your questions.

Right now our support team is available during European support hours. Our technical engineers also react in case of emergencies, but they are mostly handling the issues, not communication with customers. That is why there may be a gap between the fix and reply.

In future we are considering introducing US support hours, but there are no due dates.

Hi @Sari,

I’m glad to report that the merging issue is solved now, you may need to clear you browser cache to apply the fix.
Thank you for helping us improve our products.

So in the case of emergencies, what is the best way to get the attention of the technical engineers as submitting a ticket does not seem to get noticed until EU support hours start?

Hi @turtlgal,

Right now we are testing the status page like this to deliver information about availability of our services.

Right now it is not in production mode yet. We are researching different ways to deliver information about service statuses.

Probably, we will also add an option to submit a technical incident about services availability through the status page.

Regarding the issue from this discussion. Our technical team has detected it before it was reported by you and started working on it. You are right, due to the time difference, our support team was not able to let you know about it right after your request.

Thanks for the replay @antonkhrit

I don’t know how many North American Customers that you will need to provide support for us during business hours, but I do hope you continue to consider this, as I really love this tool, but the lack of support during my production hours hurts terribly as it typically takes 2 days just to get one reply from support and to answer again. Love the product keep up the good work.

We are having the same issue. Rebuilt the forms a couple of times from scratch:

  • can create new issues via web
  • cant add comments to tickets via web
  • lots of javascript errors