Tickets created with PlumSail Forms 1.8.8 not showing in Widget

I am on SharePoint Online and creating a widget on a separate site (but same SharePoint tenant) using "New Ticket" form built in PlumSail Forms 1.8.8.
In Settings/Widgets on the main Help Desk list site I have filled in the "URL of the page where you placed a widget" field, created a new widget configuration , selected "For SharePoint", added my customized Form ID in the "Ticket form ID" field and copied the "Configuration ID"
On the page where the widget resides I have added the HelpDesk Widget, Edited the WebPart and placed the "HelpDesk Widget Configuration ID" in the proper field.
When I save and Republish I should now see my custom ticket form when I select "+ Add new ticket".
But I dont, all I get is the spinning circle of dots with "Loading". When it times out it just gives me a generic "Something went wrong" error.

What am I doing wrong?

Hello John! As you said that you used the "New Ticket" form, I assume that you ran Plumsail Forms for SharePoint, because only SharePoint lists have these selections:

  • New Ticket
  • Edit Ticket
  • Display Ticket

Please create a new custom public form either in your Plumsail account or in this application (it should be installed additionally to Forms for SharePoint). Import the default ticket form (you can find one in this topic): use a JSON file in the web designer or XFDS one in the application. Then copy the form ID and paste it in the widget configuration, clear the browser cache and check whether it works.

Thank you Evgeniy!
The New tickets work great by using the Web based Form editor on your website.
The New ticket sends data to the list and the list shows that data + custom data in the columns. However, now my Edit & Display forms are only picking up the Title and comment (body field).

Can you suggest what I might be doing wrong?
Is there a link to a newer version of the Edit/Display default form?
Thank you for any help you can give.
John B

I would like to clarify terms. You can customise forms for widget and for the "Tickets" and "Contacts" lists on the HelpDesk site.

For the widget, you use public forms. You can create them through the web designer in your Plumsail account or the desktop application for public forms. The widget forms are called ticket and comment forms. The first is for creating a ticket, the second is for creating a comment.

For the ticket and contacts forms on a HelpDesk site, you use SharePoint forms. You can create them only through the desktop application for SharePoint forms. It is another application. For each SharePoint list, there are three types of forms: New (for creating an item), Edit (for editing an item), Display (for viewing an item).

Since you say that you have problems with the Edit and Display forms, I assume that you somehow changed the SharePoint forms of the "Tickets" list. You can restore their default state following this instruction.

Thank you, your solution worked.
Best Regards,

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