Time Out XLSX to PDF


In Power Automate I use Plumsail to create an XLSX document from template and save to Onedrive. This works well.

I then use Plumsail to convert that file from XLSX to PDF. On 50% of occasions, this action times out (over 5 minutes).

Hello @BuilDocs_Team,

I'll discuss the issue with the developers team and reply.

Best regards,
Plumsail team

Hi Petr,

All works well now. Only takes around 20 seconds to convert 8 pages to pdf.

Last week on a test it timed out after 10 minutes, but since then it has worked well.

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I am running into this same issue, about 50% of runs are canceled or time out, which means that connector is not consistent enough to use. Does Plumsail have any understanding of why this happens or if there is a solution or work -around?

Hello Brian! There is no such general issue but to investigate your case, we need some additional information. Please raise a support ticket at [email protected]. In your message refer to this topic, provide the raw inputs and outputs of the failed action as text files. Also, take a screenshot of the flow run history and highlight the cases when it was caused by the Plumsail action's time-out.