Top Navigation disappearing

Over the past few weeks the top navigation keeps disappearing. Hitting refresh will correct it for a little while and then it disappears. We have observed this on Chrome and Firefox with multiple machines at different locations.

If we hit Refresh a few times it will show back up.
top ref

Any help on this is appreciated

One thing Noted: When the Top Nav does display , it has a drop down menu on the end that has more views BUT those views are not listed as items on the Top Nav list under Appearance
Top Nav Menu Shot
top 2

Top Nav List from Appearance
top 3

Hello! Please update HelpDesk to the latest version (2.1.13), clear browser cache (or use an incognito mode) and check whether the issue persists. Also, ensure that you use the latest version of the browser (Chrome or Firefox in which I couldn't reproduce the issue).

Working good now after updating app catalog and helpdesk!
Thank you for the info

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