Trigger based on day/hours

Good morning,

I want to send an email notification to anyone creating a new ticket on the Helpdesk out of hours (e.g. after 6pm, on a weekend etc…).

How would I go about this?

Hi @oratisz,

If you use HelpDesk for Office 365, the best way to implement this is to use Microsoft Flow. Microsoft Flow subscription is usually included into Office 365 subscription and there are plenty of runs available.

What Microsoft Flow is.

There is a bunch actions for working with dates. You can create a flow that will be triggered on ticket creation. Ticket creation is just creation of list item in a SharePoint list.

Then you check time of ticket creation in your Flow and send a message if it is required.

Thanks will look into it, nothing with tokens and triggers then?

You can compare values between date fields and you can compare field value to specific date. There is a bunch of date functions that you can use in trigger conditions.

But you can’t check day of week or time of day.

If we receive more requests like this, we will add this functionality. Or you can request our paid support to implement this by sending a message to [email protected]