Trigger multiple document processes with same form


Here's what I'm trying to achieve at a high level: Say I'm a fruit salesman. I have 10 grocery stores where I can sell my fruit. Every time I grow a new kind of fruit, I need to send a contract to the stores where I want to sell it. So I'm trying to build a form where, for example, I can put in my new fruit name "banana" and select 7 of the 10 stores. Then I'd receive 7 contracts with "banana" filled in.

I'm most of the way there. I've created 10 processes in Plumsail documents, which I've bound to a single Plumsail form with a "fruit name" field. When I submit that form with "banana" for "fruit name," I get all 10 contracts with "banana" filled in.

I've also added a Multiple Choice field for "Grocery store" with 10 options (Whole Foods, Kroger, Trader Joe's, etc.)

What I'm stuck on is how to make whether those options are checked determine whether the contract is generated for that grocery store (e.g. I only want to sell bananas at Whole Foods, so I check "Whole Foods" and ONLY receive the contract for that store.)

Looking for some advice on the JavaScript here / general confirmation as to whether this is possible.

Thank you!

Hi @joelisadinosaur,

To add the condition you can use MS Power Automate and start a process if some option is selected on the Form. So, you receive a result from the Form and then add a condition in Microsoft Flow and start a certain process. Plumsail Documents connector has an action called "Start document generation process". Please check it out.

Best regards,
Plumsail team

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