Trigger Requestor New Ticket Email question

I added both the requestor and CCs to the send an email task on the trigger. I was hoping it would send a single email listing all of them in the To: line. It sent a single email to each. I understand the reason but the issue we have is our customer is questioning when they opened the ticket with CCs if they remembered to put everyone on the ticket. Sort of a double check for them. Currently I am listing the CCs in the body but wondering if getting them all in a single To: line is possible?

Hello! Such behaviour is by design, but you can disable the notification triggers send the messages using a Power Automate flow. In this case, all CC contacts will be displayed as in a usual e-mail. Let me know if you need help with configuring the flow.

Thank you! After further thought I don't want this action to prevent reply to ALL loops where people get more than 1 copy of emails when there is a reply. I will just liust them in the body of the ticket so the requestor knows who received the original email reply.

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