Trigger SPD2010 Workflow - Emailed Tickets

Good afternoon,

I have noticed that if I create a ticket by email, it doesn’t automatically trigger my Sharepoint Designer 2010 workflow.

If i create the ticket manually it works just fine, I believe this has something to do with the tickets being created with a service account?

Do you know if there is a workaround for this? Can we define a user account to use for emailed tickets instead?



Hello @adam.gunning, thank you for your message.

I wasn’t able to recreate your problem, everything works fine, but I’m using SP Designer 2013.
So could you please try to create a workflow there and then use it in your trigger?

Also could you please send us a screenshot of your trigger which starts the workflow?

Hi Oleg,

Thanks for the reply, so I am using a sharepoint 2010 workflow, because 2013 workflows can’t achieve what I want to achieve. The workflow Start options are set to “Start workflow automatically when an item is created” and “when an item is changed”.

When I create an item through the website, it launches perfectly. However, when I create a ticket by email it does not. I have done some reading, and the suggestion is that when an item is added to a list by a “System Account” workflows don’t get triggered.

I have tried to create a “Trigger” from the Helpdesk settings, but you can only seem to trigger 2013 workflows from here.

I have also tried to create a 2013 workflow, which launches the 2010 workflow, and is triggered by the helpdesk triggers, but this errors with a permissions type error.



Hello @adam.gunning,

You are right, HelpDesk can only start SP 2013 workflows.
You might try to add your actions in 2013 workflow to the App step:

It might help to solve the permission error.

Thanks again for the reply,

I have tried to use an App Step, in order to trigger the 2010 workflow, but this doesn’t work. I have ended up creating a Console Application which runs frequently, and launches the workflow when required.

Not an ideal solution, but works for now