Two langues for a form


I have the following problem. I have created a list for two languages. The items are displayed in English when I set the language to English and in German when I change it to German.
However, the form does not adjust accordingly. The English names are still displayed there, even I choose german.
Is there a way to display the form based on the language in the sharepoint?

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Hello @Sternchen,

Please see the SharePoint forms for alternative languages article for the instructions.

Hello @mnikitina

I already tried this solution. Only unfortunately the sharepoint fields in Plumsail are always displayed in English. The form itself should be the same only that the text automatically adapts.


Do I have to rebuild my entire form in the other language or can I also import the English one? Currently neither works because the sharepoint fields are always in English. Even if the sharepoint page is displayed in German.

Where can I find the code for the default form?


You can export the form for English, create a form set for German and import the form.
Then, you need to change fields' title and other text on the form as it doesn't translate:

What code do you need? For routing? If the condition is not met, users are routed to the default form.

The ID from the form.
For now I have 3 forms. One for german, one for spanish and the default one is for english.
But I don´t know the ID of the form default set. Where can I get the ID of the default set, because I can´t find it.

For now my routing looks like this:

if(_spPageContextInfo.currentUICultureName == 'de-DE'){
return 'ddc95260-21d4-4c66-bb4f-e87e2968aa78';
} else if(_spPageContextInfo.currentUICultureName == 'es-ES'){
return '35c22d40-4b5d-400c-8960-2aa7870d6fd3';
How can I choose the default form?


If the condition in custom routing is not met, users will be redirected to the default form. So you can use the code you shared to redirect users to English form if their culture is not German or Spanish.